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Business Sales LetterIntroduction

A Business Sales letter is written by a company to another company on some business dealings. It may also be written to customers to inform them of the company’s business or information that may be of interest to the customers. It is a standard mode of interaction between companies when it comes to business dealings. This is an official letter authorized on behalf of a particular business with the aim to further a specific business. This invites other companies to come on board with already existing businesses or could include the idea of a whole new business.

This is a highly formal letter and can also be considered as a business proposal by some. Therefore the tone of this letter should be professional so that receiver treats the letter seriously. Moreover, this letter should be extremely detailed. All relevant details pertaining to the business dealings should be clearly highlighted.



Melissa Clements

Sales Executive

Graham Used Car Services

2624 Bolman Court
Springfield, IL 62701

August 19, 2010


Felix S. Sullivan

1087 Nutters Barn Lane
Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Dear Mr. Sullivan

RE: Good Opportunity of New Products

I had had a conversation with you regarding the sale of a second-hand car from my company. I am writing to follow up on our previous discussion of your interest in a used car for your son.

I am pleased to inform you that a few used cars have been brought in by Graham Used Car Services which might be of interest to you and your son. These are in excellent condition and very suitable for a young man who has just obtained his driving license. The price is also in your budget range.

The specifications of these cars can be discussed in a meeting that we can organize according to your convenience. We took your son’s demands into consideration that were-

  1. Brand: Toyota, Honda, BMW
  2. Colour: Black
  3. Fuel: Diesel.

According to this demands, we were able to narrow down to 5 cars.

These cars just arrived, and they may go off fast with many walk-in inquiries. Hence, I urge you to schedule a meeting with us at the earliest.

Upon our meeting, you can also view and test drive these cars. In case you are unable to come to our showroom, we can always speak about the specifications over the phone, and I can send a salesperson to your house with a particular car for a test drive.However, I apologize that I am unable to book any unit on your behalf without a deposit, according to company policy.

I look forward to meeting you again for a great deal purchase.

Yours Sincerely,

Melissa Clements

Sales Executive

Graham Used Car Services

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