Business Request Letter

Introduction :

A Business Request letter is written by an individual or a company to another company to consider its request to conduct business transactions together. The request letter is meant to invite the recipient a consideration of some business dealings with the offerings of products and services of the sender. Competition in the market is very high at the moment. So many business firms, use the collaboration of business so as to eradicate the competition to some extent.

A business request letter is a formal letter written by a company to another company for joining hands together to do a business. It contains the purpose behind this request and also the benefits that they might get if they work together. Also mention regarding the cost and expenses that you shall have to bear, given that they agree to it. Once through the letter, check it for grammatical mistakes.


Business Request Letter Sample :

The following is the sample of business request letter.



Ronald E. Pennington,

Sales Manager,

Jacobs Fine Wines.

3645 John Daniel Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101.

Date – January 13, 2017.


Southern California Restaurants,

1978 Caynor Circle
Belleville, NJ 07109.

Dear Sir,

Subject :  Business Request Letter.

Greetings to you, please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Sales Manager of Jacob Fine Wines. I am writing to request if Southern California Restaurants would like to consider serving Jacob’s fine wines at your esteemed premises.

I believe that Jacob’s fine wines of top quality and exquisite taste will satisfy your customers and clients. Jacob Fine Wines have been established since 1880 and its wines have been well received all over the world. Jacob’s top class products will add a higher notch to your guests’ fine dining experience. We have heard about your restaurant and have experienced the joy of eating there myself, it was wonderful. Since then only I have been wishing to do business with you.

Not only this business will add a higher notch for the fine dining experience, but also will help in eradicating a lot of competition from other restaurant and wine businesses. As you ought to know that in the recent past, the competition has doubled up. So, it would work in our favor to join two best-esteemed businesses in the neighborhood which shall help in increasing our profits.

Jacob Fine Wines can supply any cartons of fine wines to Southern California Restaurants. I look forward to hearing from you concerning my business request.

Yours sincerely,

Ronald E. Pennington

Sales Manager

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