Business Reference letter

Business Reference letterIntroduction

A Business Reference letter is a recommendation written on behalf of a company or individual to promote or favor the products and services to another individual or business. It is a common practice for many to recommend the products or services of a company which has been proven or it could be a favor done for the company recommended.

Since it is a business reference letter, it has to be written in a formal tone and professionalism has to be maintained throughout the letter. If you are writing the letter to someone you know very well, then the letter may be informal. The letter should emphasize the high quality of the product or service you have been provided; this could be done through examples or by a brief introduction of the product. The body should contain how satisfied you were with the product or service of the company. It may also enlist the discount or offer one can get if approaches the company along with reference letter. The following letter is an example of how to write a business reference letter, go through the letter and get an idea of things to include and avoid in your letter.

Business Reference Letter Sample

This is the sample of Business Reference Letter.


Celine Christy

Baker’s Street,

36A/007 London.




Alice Smith

36A/02365 Seven Sister’s Road,
Finsbury Park, London.

Subject: – Reference letter for catering service.

Dear Alice,

How are you? My family and I are fine. I heard that you are looking for a good caterer for your daughter’s upcoming wedding in August.

Allow me to recommend TopQuality Caterer whom I used personally for all my catering needs. I first started using them for our family get-togethers before moving to church gatherings and community functions with them.

TopQuality Caterer is adapted to small or big group orders. Their service has been impeccable and their food delectable; they cater for lunches, teas or dinners. Their pricing is reasonable, and there is a further discount for repeated orders of their service. Their discipline, dressing sense, talking manner, hygiene, and cleanliness adds a star to their company. They are best one in this field, as you know such qualities bring perfection to whatsoever party being organized.

I understand that they have a branch in your vicinity which is the reason I recommended them to you. If you mention my name, you may get a discount too,! All the best to you in your planning for Wendy’s wedding.

Best regards.

Your friend,

Celine Christy.

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