Business Recommendation letter

Business Recommendation letter

A business recommendation letter is written by an individual who wishes to promote his products and services to potential customers. It is more formal than a flyer or leaflet which contains relevant information about the business to appeal to the reader for a positive participation. There should be incentives to attract a positive response from the reader. As you are asking for something, the letter must be written politely and must strive to convince the other person of what you are mentioning.

Business Recommendation letter is a formal and professional letter. It should be written in a clear language. It must be persuasive. It should be brief and precise. The content should be highly relevant, and nothing should be unnecessarily added. It should not be too long as people in business don’t have the time to read the entire thing if it’s too elaborate. The letter must maintain a professional tone. The letter must possess a strong appeal. Even if it’s negative, one should maintain a formal pace and should write the complaints with grace.

Business Recommendation Letter Sample

The sample for Business Recommendation letter is given below:


Mark S. Whitehead

New Life Products

4296 Grove Avenue
Clinton, OK 73601

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Business Recommendation

If you are looking for a simple business that requires little capital but offers you great opportunities to grow your wealth, then look no further. New Life Products from Switzerland gives you a chance of a lifetime to promote your health for a good life while allowing you to make money in your own time and at the comfort of your home.

New Life Products have been tested and proven in Switzerland and most parts of Europe; now this life changing products have come to our shores. With its newest features, it promises not to disappoint. There is a 100% guarantee for a positive result.

Call now for a free and no obligation consultation on being a consumer or licensed dealer of New Life Products immediately. We are looking for dedicated agents who can assist in the distribution and marketing of New Life Products.

Best regards

Mark S. Whitehead


New Life Products

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