Business Recognition Letter

For any new company or startup, one of their primary goals is to be recognized not only legally but officially also by the prevailing network in status quo. Business Recognition is a huge honor as it displays a metric of good work, enough to have been recognized formally by other players in the field as well.

Business Recognition Letter is an extremely formal letter, written by a senior, more established company in the industry, to a new player in the field. Remember to address this letter to the company as a whole and not certain individuals that work for the company. Maintain a congratulatory tone through out the letter since receiving this recognition is considered a big deal. If possible, also give them a word of advice on how they can survive and flourish in the industry. Refer to the sample letter given below to try and write your own customized version of a business recognition letter.

Business Recognition Letter Sample


Goonj NGO

DLF Ph 4



All India NGO Forum

Green Park

New Delhi-2167236

Subject: Business Recognition Letter

To whom so ever it may concern

Respected Sir/ Ma’am,

We on behalf of the All India NGO forum take this opportunity to congratulate you on being recognized as a formal operational NGO in the field of sanitation by our organization.

In the two years since you first established yourself, you have achieved a lot more than already existing NGO’s in the field. You have expanded your operations from Gurgaon to Delhi and Noida which is a lot to achieve in the short span of two years. We take this moment to congratulate you on this exemplary work.

We would like to extend a formal invitation to our membership program where you will be recognized as an official member of the All India NGO Forum. You will have access to our pool or resources which you can use to further your sanitation agenda in other cities. This is a privilege which we expect you to use judiciously. You will also have access to our international network which is a great opportunity to tie up with NGOs working in the same field overseas.

We were extremely impressed by your work and are sure that you will continue to deliver such outstanding results in the years to come. Congratulations once again!

Kindly attend our first meeting of the month of August at the Hyatt Regency. You will find an invitation attached below.

Thank you

All India NGO Forum

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