Business Proposal Letter

Business Proposal Letter


A Business Proposal Letter is written by the company to invite another company to consider its proposed business plans, as in a new product offering or collaboration in some business venture. It is very important for you to ensure that you write effective business proposal letter as said by experts, the First impression is the last impression. This proposal letter is an impression of your business, and thus you need to write a perfect letter.

A Business Proposal letter should be formal and contains all the necessary relevant points of attraction to induce the recipient to a favorable decision. These letters must be exact and written in a formal and polite language. Given below is a sample Business Proposal Letter to help you through the process of writing one!

Business Proposal Letter – Sample

Below mentioned is the sample of business proposal letter.


Andrew Page

Managing Director

Highlands Trading

1976 Logan Street
Broomfield, CO 80020



Barry White

Senior Manger

Freight Forwarders

4516 Round Table Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245

RE: Business Proposal

Dear Mr. White

On behalf of Highlands Trading, it is my pleasure to extend to you a business proposal with this letter. As one of Highlands Trading best business partners, we are delighted to introduce you our new marketing plan for the coming year. This is the best plan that we have come up with forward till now, and we are sure your business will benefit with this. The detailed business proposal is attached to the letter.

As our token of appreciation on your loyal patronage over these years, Highlands Trading is proposing to offer you a permanent 10% discount off the retail prices on all the product range offered by Highlands Trading, with effect from DD/MM/YYYY. With this attractive discount, you will be able to order more of our popular products before they run out of stock. As an extra incentive, orders above $5000 per invoice will be delivered without shipping charges.

We trust that the above-specified business proposal is favorable to you. Please do not hesitate to call us for further clarifications during the working hours. You can even drop us an email on

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Page

Highlands Trading

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