Business Proposal Acceptance Letter


For any company- new or old, whenever they start a project, the first step is to send out a formal business proposal letter. The purpose of this is the inform potential clients or investors about an upcoming project. Proposal for any project is often a detailed report varying up to 100 pages as well.

Therefore upon receiving business proposal letter, one is obligated to send reply letter to business proposal. Irrespective of whether it is an affirmative or a negative response. The start off with acknowledging the proposal letter and the objective of this particular business. If it is a positive business response the comment on why you would like to agree to be a part of this business furthered by what can be the possible beneficial outcomes out of brokering such a deal with the other half of this business.  Given below is a sample Business Proposal Acceptance Letter. Refer to the Business Acceptance letter to write your customized version!

Business Proposal Acceptance Letter – Sample

Company YY

3rd Floor, Cyber City


Subject: Introduction of New Business

Marketing Dept

Company XY

4th Floor, Cyber City



This is about the business proposal letter I received from Company YY dated DD/MM/YYYY. Our board of managers went over the content of the proposal,  its objectives along with the plan of action to accelerate this project.  After much deliberations and discussions, we as a company have decided to give our heads up on this partnership and call it official.

Of course, we would like to discuss this with you in person as well. But as far as the content of the paper is concerned we are quite happy with the clauses. The whole idea of integrating with your company is to adequately train all hospitality staff members so as to improve their efficiency and outcome is a wonderful idea. Our company primarily deals with software for the hospitality sector to manage their finances and accounts. However, a partnership with your business will allow us to branch out and try new avenues so as to achieve our eventual goal of becoming a one-stop shop for all hospitality related matters.

Of course, the percentage share and investments required from our end can be discussed by the relevant experts in the respective fields. Please let us know when we can organize a meeting with the board members of both, your company and ours by the end of this month. Given the market demand currently, we would like the execute the project by the end of the year, that is by DD/MM/YYYY.

We look forward to many years of association with you.

Thank you

Aishwarya Khanna

Chief Executive Officer



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