Business Promotion Letter

Business Promotion Letter


A Business Promotion letter is usually sent by a company to inform its clients and potential customers for the promotion of its products.  A business promotion letter serves like a flyer which contains the necessary information on the company’s products which are on promotion. Promotional Letter to customer should be a light-hearted letter which excites the recipient to check out the promotion. In many big companies, there are a couple of employees on a permanent basis to generate business letters regularly. These business letters are promotional letters for the products and services they are into.

Promotional Letter for business service is a formal letter but may be written in a style which can be a tad bit informal. The letter promoting your business must not be very long nor too short either. Use of catchy phrases is a must to appeal the target audience. Such letters should be sent only to those who will be able to avail the offer and the members of that group or organization and not to everyone. The details of the offer must be mentioned clearly. Following is a sample of advertising your business letter to help you through the process of writing one!

Business Promotion Letter  – Sample


Tasty Italiano Cafe

8893 Summer Place
Philadelphia, PA 19903


Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Breakfast Promotion!

It is our delight to introduce you to Tasty Italiano Cafe’s tempting breakfast offer to kick-start your New Year.

Our chefs have concocted some unique but tasty bites for your dining pleasure. At just $9.99 per set, our office breakfast hour offer is sure to set your appetite right for work. There are five different and delightful options for your taste buds, with one flavour at each of the weekdays. The tempting and delicious breakfast set at Tasty Italiano Cafe’s starts at 6 am to 11 am.

With every five breakfast sets ordered, a free breakfast set is given to our loyal patrons.

So, don’t worry about getting your appetite right before work; Tasty Italiano has the right deal for you. This breakfast set promotion is for a limited time period only, so make sure you grab the opportunity while it is still on the shelves!


Tasty Italiano Cafe

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