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For any new or existing company in a particular industry, when they wish to expand and get new and similar partners on board for their projects, the companies are required to write a formal request letter. The purpose of Business Partnership Proposal Letter is to inform and educate potential partners about the existence of your brand and product, along with why you would like to partner with them.

Before writing Business Letter of Intent it is advised to do a thorough research of the company you are partnering with to let them know how this deal can be mutually beneficial for both parties involved. Share a sample of your year-long business plan along with proposal letter of partnership, as a way of gaining their trust and impressing them with a solid and profitable plan of activities. For a stronger proposal, share a few samples of the work you have done so far/ or wish to undertake for your future ventures. Refer to the Business Partnership Proposal Letter given below.

Business Partnership Proposal Letter – Sample

AK Business House





Shiva Clothing Apparel

Cyber City


Subject: Proposal for Partnership

Respected Ma’am,

As you are aware, Shiva enterprises are planning on branching out to all industries. We hope to start this new venture by introducing a new clothing brand in the market. We require a solid brand, one who can give competition to existing brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Big Bazaar, etc

This brand hopes to be a hit in India but introducing not only western, and sportswear, but Indian wear as well. Which is why we hope to partner with your company, the premier player in the Indian wear sector to hop on with us on board for our latest venture.

According to our business analysts, with your history and presence in the market, a collaboration of both our brands can lead to a total rise in profits by 21%.

We will be launching two stores in Gurgaon by the end of this year. These two stores can initially have your brand as a separate section which in the coming years can eventually integrate and sell in the market as one. Of course, the details of the same can be discussed in person by the board of directors of both our companies.

Our design team is made up of only Parson graduates and they show a lot of promise for their work. Please find a copy of their samples attached below.

We look forward to positively hearing back from you.

Thank you

Rajesh Krishna



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