Business Partner Appreciation Letter


Certain business organizations prefer to join with other business organizations which may prove to be beneficial for both. Joining hands with another company shall be a positive approach to the increasing competition in today’s world. However, it is also important to acknowledge this partnership to maintain healthy relations in the long run. Hence, a Business Partner Appreciation Letter is written by one business organization to the organization with which it has tied up to cherish its efforts and teamwork.

The Appreciation letter should be written in a professional manner. The writer must not exaggerate the appreciation of the partnership as it might not seem authentic. The writer may choose to include certain recent projects which have been very profitable to both the organizations. The Business Partner Appreciation Letter should be concluded by thanking the receiver once again for their collaboration. Any kinds of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes should be avoided in the letter.

Business Partner Appreciation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of a Business Partner Appreciation Letter.


Satish Kaushik

Chief Executive Officer,

LNG Offshore Pipeline Company,

Sector 421-C,





Himanshu Singh

Senior Deputy Manager,

Offshore Construction Pipeline Company,

Sector 56-B,



Subject: Thank You for Your Partnership

Dear Mr. Himanshu Singh,

I, on behalf of the entire staff, am writing to you to thank you for being our business partner. Our decision to collaborate has been very positive for our venture. We are pleased to have a partner as you and, hence, we acknowledge the strategies devised by your efficient staff for our projects.

Your organization has always been very professional and has delivered its services timely. Our clients are equally delighted with our solutions and services given to them. Among our projects, Offshore Hydraulics Training Program, Oil and Gas Exploration Program and Subsea Pipelay Design Program have been extremely triumphant in yielding the attention of great experts. We hope that as we acknowledge your association with us, even you are agreeable and contented with our collaboration with you.

We have observed that our business partnership has now become four years older and in all these years we have benefited considerably. We believe that our union shall continue to be fruitful for both the organizations.

We, once again, thank you for your excellent partnership.


Satish Kaushik

Chief Executive Officer,

LNG Offshore Pipeline Company

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