Business Opportunity Letter

Nowadays, everyone is on the outlook of something new. Everyone wants to do something new that might interest a huge proportion of the population. Similarly, the business houses are always on the outlook for various opportunities presented in front of them to create something new.  A business opportunity letter is one that is written by an individual to another in the hope of doing business with them when they see a good chance in front of them.

Business Opportunity Letter is a formal proposal letter. It states the purpose of doing business and the opportunity that led them to write the letter. Collaborating together for a business project is a common trend nowadays and always helps in earning huge profits. One must mention all the facts that would compel the company in taking a chance for the business proposal. Once through the Business Opportunity Letter, check for grammatical errors.

Business Opportunity Letter – Sample

The following is the sample of business opportunity letter.



Deepak bharadwaj,

Business Manager,

DBTR Pvt Ltd.



Pushpa Manglani,

Business Relations Manager,

PMLT Pvt Ltd.

Subject – Business Letter.

Dear Ms. Manglani,

Greetings to you. First of all, congratulations to your firm on winning the best textile firm in our city. It’s not been long since its inception and to get that award in only four years of time is a commendable job.

We have always wanted to work together with you since a long time. The opportunity, however, knocked on our door a few days ago. Like every year, there is a fair organized by one of the textile firms in the city for the people to enjoy good quality clothes at a less price. So we thought that this year, both our companies should together organize the fair. It would not only be beneficial for the customers but us too.

Ours is the most loved textile firms here. We both have our unique style of clothing, and so it would be a good idea to display our best-produced clothing material together on a public platform. Not only that, having been recognized nationally, we can even arrange for the biggest players in the industry to attend this fair and make it a huge success. This is something that I am looking forward to, and I do hope you think about it. If you find this interesting, do contact me soon.

Best wishes,

Deepak Bharadwaj,

Business Manager,

DBTR Pvt Ltd.


Relevant letter for business proposal are as follows:

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