Business Offer letter

Business Offer letterIntroduction

Business Offer Letter is a great way to let the other proprietor know the services you offer.  The Business Offer letter is written by a company to its client on a particular business promotion. The offer letter should contain the details of the business promotion written in an appealing form to attract or intrigue the recipient to check out the business offer.

The Business proposal Letter should be well written for positive impact. The letter acquaints the recipient with the information related to proposal/promotion. By this letter, one can increase their market value.

Since it is a business letter, it should be written in a formal way with a professional tone. One must not forget to mention the details of the services they provide. Maintain a polite and approaching tone in the letter and keep it short. Present yourself in a remarkable way. Have a look at this letter to get the insight idea for writing it on your own.

Business Offer letter – Sample

The following is the sample for Business Offer Letter.


Promotions Department,

New World Florist.

Soldier’s Square,
36A/NY536  Middletown, New York.



Atlas Apartment,


Church Road,

Street No. 29,

Middletown, New York.

Subject: – Valentine Day Special Offer.

Dear Sir/Madam,

If you value the love of your life, show him/her your true affections that can be expressed from New World Florist recommendations. In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, New World Florist has brought in many unique and adorable designs and creations, not only in flora and fauna forms but also in fashionable designs that you must check out. We don’t compromise on quality and fashion, we are the best one in this sector.

You can view these latest offers at New World Florist’s website at at your convenience, but caution! The cat’s out of the bag! These offers are being grabbed very fast. Don’t miss this exciting offer as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Deliveries within a 5km radius are free with a minimum $50 purchase. We invite you to drop in anytime from 8 am to 8 pm daily, until Valentine’s Day, February 14, YYYY.

Make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day special with a delightful gift from New World Florist.

Thank You.

With Regards,

Archiela Sorens,

Public Welfare Manager,

New World Florist,

Middletown, New York.

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