Business Letter, Sample & Format

Business LetterA business letter is written by a company to another in the hope of impacting the reader on using the services or products of the sender. A well-written business letter can impress the reader into considering the sender’s goods and services favorably. The letter should be professionally written to project a professional image of the company.


Mary S. Varney

Fitness Coach

Forever Fitness Centre

984 Finwood Road
Red Bank, NJ 07701

September 22, 2010


Angie M. Harris

2495 Christie Way
Burlington, MA 01803

Dear Ms. Angie

RE: Keep Fit for a Healthy Life

I am pleased to introduce to you our latest fitness equipment that has just come in from Sweden. This SWEDFIT equipment uses the latest technology which can size up your fitness needs in a few minutes. It uses the advanced AI technology to calculate your BMI and fat build up to recommend the best exercise program to keep your whole body fit so that you can enjoy a healthy life.

It is just so simple! Just 10 minutes of workout on the SWEDFIT for your health at Forever Fitness Centre for three months to get a noticeable difference in your physical appearance as well as your general health level.

As an introduction of SWEDFIT at Forever Fitness Centre, you are given a 20% discount off the program price until the end of this month. Call me now for a free consultation of SWEDFIT benefits to you!

Mary S. Varney

Fitness Coach

Forever Fitness Centre

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