Business Letter With Enclosure

In the case of starting a new business, expanding your business or just adding a new partner to work requires the individual to write a business letter with an enclosure. This is a detailed enclosure with all relevant information about the business.

The sample written below is about a textiles company starting a business with another textiles company overseas. The owner is trying to tell the other party about the kind of sales it has in its home country and the vision as well as the goals he or she had when they decided to expand this work to a similar company overseas. The tone maintained is a formal one. Always remember to attach relevant documents to the letter. This could be a copy of past letter of credits or simply an official legal letter from the owner stating the start of a new venture with the other company.

Business Letter With Enclosure – Sample

The sample Business Letter With Enclosure is given below:


Mr. Kiko

Textiles Co



Mr. Kumar

Afcon Exim


subject: Business Letter With Enclosure

date: DD/MM/YYYY

Respected Sir,

Afcon Exim is proud to initiate a new venture with textiles company in the field of import and export of textiles. We currently have a partnership with three companies in countries in South America, Australia and now Africa. All these companies are big players in the industry of their country and entering into a partnership with them is not only beneficial for us but them as well.

As you are aware, India is currently the number 1 producer of Cheras cotton, the cloth which has the maximum demand in the market currently. We hope to export this material to your country now. So far we have received positive feedback from our partners in South America and Australia, which is why Afcon Exim has decided to test the African market through your company.

In return, we would like to start importing your Raymond. The current rate of Raymond in India per meter is $3 which is extremely expensive. We hope to import Raymond from you in bulk with the aim of being the primary supplier of this cloth in India.

To facilitate this deal, we would request your CEO to sign the contract that is enclosed with this letter. Our legal team would be happy to walk you through every clause in this contract.

To discuss this further, I would also be happy to visit you in Benin.

Looking forward to hearing back at the earliest.

Thank you

R. Kumar


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