Business Letter of Intent

Business Letter of intentIntroduction:

When one notices a unique business opportunity, it is important to express it in a professional way. The ways in which your ideas are conveyed strongly influence the outcome of your request. Hence, when one wishes to have a joint venture or a possible deal for a product, it is ideal that your request is put across in the most elegant and precise way possible. 

The business proposal letter contents should be courteous and attractive; in fact, compelling and alluring to induce the recipient to some business collaboration. As a business letter, it should be formal in nature, following all the necessary guidelines. The contents of the letter of intent must be brief, concise and encapsulate your idea clearly. Care must be taken to avoid any grammatical or spelling errors as it reflects poorly on yourself and those whom you may represent.

Business Letter of Intent – Sample

The following is a sample of a Business Letter of Intent.



Christopher Royal

The Director

Beacon Enterprise,

Kansas City,

MO 83291


Date: 15th October 2010



Charles Myers

Sales Manager

Universal Products & Services

6438 Trafalgar Square,

Kansas City,

MO 64106.


Subject: Business Letter for Collaboration


Respected Sir,

Having heard of your company’s fine standing in the metal industry, I am writing this letter to offer you an opportunity to consider a business collaboration between our respective companies.

Universal Products & Services manufactures large quantities of metal pieces to cater to the SME industry.  Our production ranges towards thousands every month for each of our products. We provide custom designs, bulk orders and are well reputed in our field. We would like to invite Beacon Enterprise to consider being a licensed dealer of Universal Products o& Services. Given your outstanding record and our resource production, I am sure that such a venture can be tremendously beneficial to both parties. The members of our management are admirers of the way your company carries out its task with peerless efficiency and zeal. We would consider ourselves honored if you would agree to our request.

There are many benefits attached to this licensed dealership of Universal. We invite you to a face-to-face discussion with our management if you are interested in this business collaboration offer. We can have the contract and legal necessities completed at the same event.

Please call us on for an appointment at your convenience.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Charles Myers

Sales Manager.


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