Business Letter Introduction

Business letter introduction


A Business Letter Introduction is written to introduce a business by an individual who may be venturing into a new business to create publicity as well as to gain contacts with potential customers and suppliers for his business.

This introduction letter of activity is usually courteous and informative to encourage the reader to consider business dealings with the sender. Therefore, the company introduction letter is written to influential persons and organizations which shall prove to be beneficial for the sender.

In the sample letter introducing business to client, the writer should mention briefly the new business venture that has been initiated. The writer should convince the reader of how the business shall prove to be beneficial for the receiver. The letter must supply the reader with the correct contact details of the sender. The letter should be written appealingly so that the reader is pleased. Any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors should be avoided in the letter.

Business Letter Introduction – Sample

The following is a sample of a Business Letter Introduction.


Nolan Wright


Global Partners Inc.,

220-Johnson Avenue,

Jackson, MI 49201,




Patrick J. Davidson

Managing Director,

Far East Enterprise,

292-Valley Road,

Jackson, MI 49201,


Subject: Introduction to New Business Venture

Dear Mr. Patrick J. Davidson,

It gives me great pleasure to write to you today to introduce to you my new business venture, Global Partners Inc., that is now set up in Jackson, Michigan, for your business convenience.

Global Partners Inc. is a service-oriented provider of several office services, such as accounting services, reception services, office beautification as well as maintenance services. By engaging the services of Global Partners Inc. on a monthly basis, much of your normal office services can be taken care of finely, thereby, giving you more time to manage your core businesses and associations. We have a very hardworking and efficient staff team who believes in providing to our clients qualitative as well as cost-effective services. Hence, our rates are reasonable, and our services are impeccable. Attached along with the letter is a listing of our service packages and references for your perusal and kind consideration.

We can be reached at our official number 5675683. You can also write to us on our email ID, We welcome a discussion with you on how Global Partners Inc can benefit you and your esteemed organization. We aim to make your professional life convenient and comfortable.

Thanking you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Nolan Wright

Managing Director,

Global Partners Inc.

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