Business Letter Form

Business Letter Form


A business letter has a formal structure as it is supposed to convey the professionalism of the company sending the business letter. The formal business letter must contain the recipient’s name, title and company name, and address at the top of the letter after the sender’s contact information. The date of the letter should be stated for reference purposes.

The contents can be anything that is business related and professionally written. It can be used as a promotional letter for launching of new products, new branch opening invitation letter, job offer letter, an opening of the tender letter, reference letter, engagement for the supply of goods letter, new product launch letter, etc. The subject of the letter can’t be restricted to one or two; it includes everything which is required for setting up of a business firmly. Strictly speaking, it remains diversified.

Since it is a business letter, the tone must be formal and polite. The letter must be kept short and unnecessary issues must be ticked from the letter. The following letter acquaints with the format of a business letter, go through and get an idea of how to design the best business letter for your need.

Business Letter Form – Sample

This is the sample of Business Letter Form.


Olivia Smith

Sales Manager,

Universal Furniture Products

36AK/0589 Foreigner’s County,
Las Vegas, NV 705662.



Peter Atkins

Products Manager,

Far East Retailers

16A/587  Harley Brook Lane
Johnstown, LA 5782132.

Subject: – Regarding promotion of new design items of furniture.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for using Universal Furniture Products.

I am pleased to inform you of Universal’s upcoming furniture promotions. As one of Universal’s loyal clients, we would want you to be the first few to enjoy the specials that we are offering as the new stock comes in from Europe.

The promotion will feature settees, love sofas, bedroom sets, and studio pieces. There are pieces of teak and velvet fabric that will give you the desired comfort in your home, office or hotels. You are invited to view these new pieces at our main showroom in Las Vegas before they are moved out to our outlets around the country. We are offering discount especially on the new arrivals; you will find it worthy to just give a glance to our products.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to hearing from you on this promotion.


Olivia Smith

Sales Manager,

Universal Furniture Products.

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