Business Letter For Quotation


A Business Letter for Quotation is a letter written regarding the price of a service or product. A Business Letter for Quotation is of several types. It may be written by a customer or a client to a certain business organization to request or accept a quote, or the letter may be written to the service provider or supplier to send a quote amount. The business letter should be written in an expert manner to influence the receiver to consider the quotation.

The letter should be structured into three fine paragraphs with the introductory paragraph informing the reader of the reason for writing the letter. The second paragraph should consist of the quotation for the service or product of the receiver. The writer may also choose to attach necessary documents regarding the quotation. The letter should be concluded by thanking the receiver for his or her time.

Business Letter For Quotation – Sample

The following is the sample of a Business Letter for Quotation.


Prem Arya

Secretary General,

VNS Corporation Ltd.,

Sector 20-C,





Sonia Chauhan

Senior Manager,

LNG Transport Services Ltd.

Sector 12-F,



Subject: Letter of Quotation for Transport Services

Dear Mrs. Sonia Chauhan,

I am writing to inform you that we are in need of certain transport services to carry out our business projects. We believe that your reputed organization, VNS Corporation Ltd., can provide us with the suitable transport services to help us with the work.

We have an urgent requirement to carry out pipelines for exploration of oils and gases in the subsea region. We require transportation to conveniently transfer the pipelines to the site of work. Your organization is known for its qualitative services, therefore, we believe that LNG Transport Services Ltd. will be able to meet our demands perfectly. Hence, we request you to send us the list of prices for the transport facilities available to meet our requirement for the project. We believe that you shall provide us the best prices in the industry. Once, you send us the list, we shall place an order with you for the same.

We shall be delighted to maintain a long-term partnership with your organization,  should the price be agreeable to us. We look forward to hear your prompt reply at the earliest.

Thanking you for your time.


Prem Arya

Secretary General,

VNS Corporation Ltd.

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