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Business letters are often sent by one business to another or the clients. A professionally written business letter makes a good impression and on the other hand, the poorly drafted letters indicate unprofessionalism. When you send a poorly drafted letter to the client or the business they think that you are not a viable business associate. The professional business letters are complete with enclosures and these are nothing but additional pages attached related to the information mentioned in brief in the letter. Make sure the letter is written in a formal manner with considering the formats.

In business letter enclosure you can include sections for the heading, salutation, body, signature line and a designation of the number of enclosures at the bottom in the letter. When you are emailing the business letter, specify in the email that there are enclosures because it’s easier for the reader to understand.

Business Letter Enclosure – Sample

Given below is a sample Business Enclosure Letter


Tina Colby

Customer Service Manager

Presario Electronic Products

189 Lighthouse Street
New York, NY 10773



Hans Malcolm

1166 Grand Avenue
Orlando, FL 32805

Dear Sir

Subject: Product Servicing

From our service record, your unit of Presario Electronic Power Generator, Model KE8372, is due for servicing. Servicing electronic equipment regularly helps to maintain its efficiency as well as makes it long lasting. Enclosed is a servicing form for your consideration. It states the unit that has been purchased from Presario and the next date of servicing which falls on DD/MM/YYYY.

Please indicate the following:

1)      Date of preferred servicing

2)      Time of preferred servicing

3)      Place of preferred servicing

Our service center is open during the weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm. Please return the servicing form when it is filled up for our further action. Thank you for your kind attention on this matter.

I take this opportunity on behalf of my company to introduce to you our latest development, a new portable generator, which we have launched in the market. This product is the result of hardcore research and comprehensive laboratory tests. It is a breakthrough which our scientists have achieved. The new product has been tried and tested by many volunteers, and they have all given a satisfactory positive response. We would like to invite you to try out the same at our nearest shop and feel the difference.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Tina Colbya

Customer Service Manager

Presario Electronic Products

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