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Business Letter ComplaintIntroduction

A business letter is a way to communicate official, business related information to the stakeholder. A letter of complaint is a way to communicate any issues that a stakeholder may have suffered after availing a service or purchasing a product. A Business Letter Complaint is written by a customer or client, who is dissatisfied with the service or product of a company and writes in to complain about it. The customer complaint letter provides details of the bad service or the issues faced. It might also give a suggestion to improve that service for future clients.

The issue can be the poor quality or functioning of the product. It can request for compensation or demand for an apology. Sometimes, a customer may ask for both because the consequence of using that product or service could be severe and he may have to spend a lot, to overcome it. Whatever the issue is, it should be clearly stated. This could end on a polite and happy note or in a negative, dissatisfied way.

Business Letter Complaint – Sample

The following is a sample letter for Business Letter Complaint.


John M. Carrie,

272 Clair Street,
Bluffdale, TX 76433

January 19, 2011


Customer Services,

BelAir Hotel,

2184 Camel Back Road,
Peggs, OK 74452

Subject: Complaint against Business Ethics

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing you this letter to complain about your staff’s bad attitude towards its customer. I was at your hotel last Saturday at 8 pm to inquire about any twin-bed vacancy as a walk-in. I arrived in town that day only, without a room reservation as my traveling schedule changed all of a sudden and I had no option but to spend a night in your town.

However, the staff at your reception was not very helpful. The lady with name tag, ‘Carmen,’ just kept saying, ‘Sorry, we don’t accept walk-ins.’ I felt that was a ridiculous excuse. Surely there would be guests who are not able to make room reservations. There must be some accommodation to service such guests. Even if it wasn’t possible, she could have used a polite tone to convey that. Not only her, but the staff at your hotel were quite arrogant. If someone arrives, they at least expect a glass of water, I kept on asking for the same, they took 30 minutes for just one glass of water.

I was disgusted at Carmen’s ‘high-and-mighty’ attitude. Would walk-ins be less superior to the reservation made guests? Surely not! If your hotel has a vacant room, and open for business, it should entertain all guests.

I am most confused at your hotel’s business policy and your front counter staff’s attitude. I do hope you will look into improving your hotel’s image and its business policy to make it more customer-orientated.

Yours sincerely,

John Carrie

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