Business Invitation Letter

Business Invitation Letter


Business firms conduct events, large and small inviting many people including their customers, business associates, etc. Such events are usually aimed at marketing their new product. It could even be the launching ceremony of a product. Events such as these bring in the notice of a large group of people that could be potential customers. So these events are critical as far as the business firms are concerned.

To invite the guests, they usually send Invitation letters. Business Invitation Letters are to ask its suppliers, customers and business associates to a function or event. It is an invitation to a new product launch where the company plans to promote the product aggressively through some marketing campaign. Usually, there are incentives offered for attendance to these invitations.

The Business Invitation Letter must contain all necessary details of the function like date, venue, etc. Also, the particulars of the product and the offers involved can be briefly mentioned if the letter is for a product launch.

Business Invitation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Business Invitation Letter.


Peter Garner,

Promotion Manager,

Organic Products Enterprise,

229 Prince Street.
Oakland, ME 03253



Benjamin C. Dabney,

Executive Director,

HLA Industry,

2437 Boring Lane,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Subject: Invitation to Product Launch

Dear Mr. Dabney,

On behalf of Organic Products Enterprise, I am pleased to invite you to our company’s new line of organic products that have been researched and developed in-house. This new line of an organic offering is called NewLife products where only the best natural ingredients are used to develop the products.

The in-house research team has taken three years to study and improve the products until they were 100% satisfied with its safe and efficient performance. The results from consuming NewLife products have been an increased vitality, good health, and better physique.

We would like you to see the results for yourself at our Product launch on DD/MM/YYYY, at our headquarters from 10am-3pm. There will be lots of demonstrations of our NewLife product’s effectiveness with our research team on hand to answer your questions. Our research team is more than pleased to answer your queries and provide you with guidance.

We will be serving a Grand Buffet Lunch.

Thank you for your kind patronage. We invite your esteemed presence at the NewLife Product launch.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Garner,

Promotion Manager.


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