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Business letters are one of the ways to communicate with 2 companies. There is a vast difference between the business and personal letters. The rules for composition are also different between the two. The content of the business letter should be communicated clearly and should be to the point. Maintaining the tone of the letter is important. It should not be over friendly or demanding.

A Business Introduction Letter is written by a new business owner who wants to create awareness of his new business or himself as a new business owner in the market. This kind of Introduction letter is important in helping your potential suppliers, and to make your customers aware of your new establishment as well as to allow them to extend their help to you by way of business collaborations.

business introduction letter is drafted when a company or individual started a new business and wish to create a professional bond with the other. These letters are formal in nature and can even be a little informal, only if you are writing to someone whom you know before. In case you do not know the person or business, it is vital that you keep it formal.

Business Introduction Letter – Sample

The sample Business Introduction Letter is given for your reference:


Norman Dwight,

Top Quality Home Furnishings,

6737 John Avenue,

Jackson, MI 49201





All Valued Suppliers

Subject: Business Introduction

Dear Valued Suppliers,

I am writing to inform you that Top Quality Home Furnishings is poised to make its mark in the Jackson community. Top Quality Home Furnishings is a company which provides quality furniture and fixtures for the home. As such, on the company’s behalf, I would like to invite your submission of your products and wares for our consideration to market your products as part of our total home packages.

Please feel free to call us for a further discussion on how we can collaborate effectively for a mutual benefit. Top Quality Home Furnishings is poised to open its doors to the public on DD/MM/YYYY.  We are hoping to set up one branch in every quarter for the next two years; thus, more supplies will be required to all its branches as they open in other neighborhoods.

We look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss our business collaboration.

Best regards

Norman Dwight

Managing Director

Top Quality Home Furnishings


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