Business Inquiry Letter, Sample & Format

Business Inquiry LetterA Business Inquiry letter is written by a company to another to enquire for business or to find out more information about the business of the recipient. The letter is to be written professionally and pleasantly if business opportunities are sought or courteous if a better understanding of the business is sought.


Robert Lake

1327 Euclid Avenue
Guadalupe, CA 93434

January 11, 2011


Samurai Industry

3645 John Daniel Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Sir

RE:  Business Inquiry

I am writing to inquire the business offerings of Samudra Industry, as I have received a leaflet on your company recently through the mailers.

I read with interest the various types of products related to home comfort and safety, and wish to enquire further about the sales offer as displayed on the leaflet. I am particularly interested in the electronic gate system which is listed as on offer during this season.

I would be extremely delighted if you could furnish me with more information on the type of design, color, and functionality based on my budget of $250.00. I would like to know the availability of product MD3940 as advertised on your leaflet.

I look forward to hearing from you on my inquiry soon.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Lake

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