Business Holiday Letter


A Business Holiday Letter is written when an organization is unable to work for a particular day or for few days. This business holiday letter is written to all their clients who need to be informed about the fact that there will be a delay in answering there queries or none of the calls would be attended since the entire company is on leave from official work.

Since this is a business letter, it needs to be written in a polite and formal tone. The reason for not working also shall be written as the clients have the right to know as to why a particular organization will not be working on a special day. The date on which they are not going to be working and the date on which the company will resume to work shall also be mentioned as this kind of information is vital for the clients to know. Given below is an example which you can refer to when you need to write a Business Holiday Letter.

Business Holiday Letter – SAMPLE


The Vice-Chairperson,

Delkin Pvt. Ltd.,

Ring Street,

NJ 76435, USA.



All the clients of Delkin Pvt.Ltd,

Ring Street,

NJ 76435, USA.


Dear All,


I, Paul Smith, am writing this letter to inform you that we will not be working on DD/MM/YYYY. I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire team since we will not be able to attend to any calls, messages or reply to any emails on the date mentioned above as we are going to keep the office shut on that particular day.

The reason for doing so is because DD/MM/YYYY is company’s incorporation day. Every year we celebrate this day by organizing team outing along with seminars, a lot of team-building activities, and other communication skills. Such an activity is conducted each year for the betterment of our staff and for the company to enhance and grow. This will also help us in giving our clients a better service from our business.

A conference with our seniors is also going to take place. We are going to have a few speakers at the seminar to talk about their journey in the corporate and how their experience has been so far. This would help in giving knowledge to our employees as to how they can handle particular situations and how they can work accordingly.

We will resume our daily schedule on DD/MM/YYYY. Thus, all calls and emails will be replied to on this day.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,

Sam Hopkins.

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