Legal Demand Letter

A Legal Demand Letter is written when the opposite party fails or refuses to fulfill your needs that they are liable to meet.

While writing this kind of letter you need to include all the details of your case even though you are writing this letter to the same opposite party. This is because this letter will serve as a legal document when you have to take this up to the court for them to handle the situation. While mentioning all these details, you can also include all the phone calls, text messages and all the inappropriate conduct by them.

The tone of the letter shall be calm and polite to avoid any disputes from your side.  Do not beat around the bush while writing this letter but come to the point of asking for the payment that shall be given to you by explaining all the flow of the events. Also, conclude the letter by stating that you will have to take this matter to the court if the defendant doesn’t obey the terms made by you for the payment.

Given below is the sample of such a letter which will come handy when you write your Legal Demand Letter.



Rakesh Mehra,


Lion Street,







Payal Mehta,

Linox Pvt Ltd,

Near Fountain Circle,



Respected Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that you have not paid the balance amount that you had to pay for the two Indian suits you bought from Pearls on DD/MM/YYYY.

We have been trying to reach you via the phone number you gave us but as you hear the name of our store you have been cutting the call. You have also given a fake residential address of your house. When we had gone to collect the remaining 10,000 from your home, they said that they are hearing your name for the first time and that they do not even know where you might be staying close by.

One of our workers happened to overhear a phone call with your customer where you said, ‘I am Payal Mehta calling from Linox Pvt Ltd, and I wanted to talk to you regarding…….’  and had also seen your bag that had Linox printed on it. That’s how we got to know that you work in Linox and are addressing this letter to you directly in your office.

It would be kind of you if know pay the money by DD/MM/YYYY or we will have to take this case to court. I hope to have a response from your side by DD/MM/YYYY.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Rakesh Mehra.

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