Business Goodbye Letter, Sample & Format


For any two individuals or organizations in partnership, there is a possibility for one party to leave at any time of the deal. When such a situation arises, one party is obliged to ask the other one to inform them of the details of the circumstances which led to this big decision. Furthermore, the leaving party is expected to write a good bye letter to the others informing them about the same and wishing them the best for all future endeavors.

Business Goodbye Letter should be a sweet but crisp letter. It should be ensured that confidential information should not be leaked by any member of the parting team to the company’s rivals. You would want to end things on a positive note. Therefore, It is advised to make a reference to past achievements as well as wishing the other party the best of wishes and luck for all their future ventures.

Business Goodbye Letter – Sample

The sample for Business Goodbye Letter to end the partnership is given below:


Mr. Kiko

Textiles Co



Mr. Kumar

Afcon Exim


subject: Business Goodbye Letter

date: DD/MM/YYYY

Respected Sir,

As you are aware, our two companies have been in partnership for over twelve years now. Together we have started six new lines of clothing in both India as well as Benin. The lines have been widely successful in both countries leading to a 36% increase in profits over the past seven years to both companies.

However sir, with the recent change in the political scenario in Benin we regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to continue doing business with you. It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you this. The new Prime Minister has put a halt to all business ventures with countries in the east.

The Prime Minister wants to boost the domestic economy of the country due to which he has placed a ban on import of textiles from all countries into Benin. We are afraid that the company would be making losses due to this reason. We are trying to fight this bill. However, we do not know how successful our attempt will be.

It will be years before we will be able to make any actual progress. I would not like to be the reason for your loss which is why I believe this is the right time to back out from our partnership.

I hope in a few years time your doors will still be open for us. All the best.

Thank you

Kiko Raymonds


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