Business Formal Letter


A Business Formal letter is a business letter that is written by a company or individual to another with regards to business. The business formal letter needs to be formally and professionally written to impress the recipient for a favorable consideration of business collaboration. The letter can state the purpose and offers good terms and conditions for a beneficial working relationship.

As this letter is written with a purpose, it should be explained or mentioned explicitly. The purpose should be beneficial to both businesses. If needed mention how the deal or collaboration can profit the recipient’s company or organization. In the end, mention you are anticipating a positive reply from the recipient that is you are looking forward to working with. Also, thank him or her for taking their time to read the letter.

Sample Business Formal Letter:


Donald Duncan,

Sales Manager,

Crown Industry,

9981 Green Tree Street,

Jacksonville, FL 33222.



Aaron Shields,

Production Manager,

Golden Enterprise,

8882 Corona Street,

Fairborn, OH 42224.

Dear Sir

RE: Business Proposition

I am Donald Ducan working as a sales manager in Crown industry, and I am very much delighted to write this letter to you with regards to the possible business opportunities that both our companies would enjoy. After our recent meetup, I believe that Golden Enterprise and Crown Industry will fit together well like a glove to the hand. Golden Enterprise has many merchandises which Crown Industry are interested in for its clients and business partners while Crown Industry has the wide market opportunities and contacts to promote your merchandise. As you have an enormous amount of merchandises and we have contacts, both of us can collaborate to do business with an exchange of what we are having.

If we collaborate with each other both businesses can get benefited, as of now, we have a yearly profit of 5% margin but if we collaborate we can have 10% margin profit yearly. I look forward to a detailed discussion to confirm the merchandise we can select to kick-start our business collaboration with favorable terms and conditions to both parties.  Please contact me for a meet up on our work collaboration soon. If you are having any doubts regarding this matter you can contact me, my number is 9632587412 or mail your queries to so that I can reply you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to working with you soon. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter, we hope your company will come up with a positive decision.

Yours Faithfully,

Donald Duncan,

Sales Manager,

Crown Industry.

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