Business Enquiry Letter

A letter of inquiry is written with the purpose of getting more information regarding something or someone. Inquiry letters are of several types. A Business Enquiry Letter is written by one business organization or individual to another business organization to gain more information about a certain matter. Enquiries may vary from asking about the products or services of the company to seeking a reputable job. Since this is a formal letter, the tone and language should be kept formal as well.

In order to write the letter in a professional manner, the format of the letter should be structured into three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should in brief mention the inquiry. The details of the same should be stated in the central paragraph. The writer must make the reader convinced that he or she has researched about the company. The letter should be concluded by requesting the receiver for his or her prompt reply.

Business Enquiry Letter – Sample

The following is the sample of a Business Enquiry Letter.


Steven Park


St. Paul Cathedral School,

43-New Change Street,

London-EC4M 9AD,

United Kingdom



Samarth Gupta

Managing Director,

Edunut Society of Education,

B-12, Icrisat Colony Phase 2,

Ramachandra Puram, Hyderabad,

Telangana, India

Subject: Enquiry Regarding Hosting Science Olympiads

Dear Mr. Samarth Gupta,

I had been delighted with the success of qualitative olympiads organized by your reputed organization, Edunut Society of Education.  The management of St. Paul Cathedral School is keen to arrange your olympiads in the school. Hence, I am writing to you to confirm your interest in the same.

The objective of your organization is to spread educational awareness since education is important for the career and development of every child, it is equally important in laying the foundations of a prosperous nation. The management of the school believes that the quality and content of your Olympiads shall prove to be extremely important in engaging our students more into the field of science.

If the same is agreeable to you, kindly send us the confirmation and also provide us with the procedure to arrange the olympiads in our school.

Hosting your olympiads in our school shall strengthen your agenda to prioritize education. I hope to hear your reply at the earliest.

Thanking you for your time.


Steven Park


St. Paul Cathedral School

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