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Business Email letterIntroduction

A business letter is a letter that is written for communicating business related information. It pertains to being professional and convey anything related to the business only. It is strictly a formal letter. A business email letter, as the name suggests, is a letter in the form of an email. Writing an email is a common practice now and sending emails is quite convenient too. Email as the name says, is an electronic mail or letter.

A Business Email letter is now a common way to communicate with business partners, associates and even customers who are not easily accessible, with regards to the business. The email serves as a letter to inform or inquire about the company’s products and services. It can also be written to place an order, to cancel it or to know about the order status etc. The email is intended to derive from all the relevant information that a person may need. The letter should be brief and to the point.

Sample Letter





Subject:  Orders for next quarter

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your earlier email dated January 10, 2011, for placing an order.

I am writing you this email to confirm your order delivery status that was on 12th February 2011. The order details can be found in the attachment. I am pleased to inform you that Harvey Quality Products fulfilled your order on the specified date, in fact, two days before the delivery date at the requested price. The requested pieces are available at our warehouse. Your order form is being processed by our logistics department.  The requested products will be delivered to your company in 3 working days. Our team worked day and night to complete your order, as we value our customers and their needs. Even though the order is prepared in fewer days, the quality of the products is assured.

The total cost for your order is $5,500.00 after a 10% discount, which is reserved for regular clients like your company. As per our business agreement, payment for goods received shall be settled within a week of acceptance of goods. We look forward to your prompt payment for this order accordingly, as we know that your company understands the problem that we can face due to late payment. It is the prompt payments by companies like yours, we get to deliver our best at the most attractive price available, on time and sometimes, even before.

Thank you for your kind patronage of Harvey Quality Products. We hope to get more orders from you.

Yours truly,

Chris Cussons

Logistic Manager

Harvey Quality Products

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