Business Donation Request Letter

A Business Donation Request Letter is written to seek a donation from a particular company. While writing such donation letter, two important things are to be kept in mind. These are (i) to explain the reason as to why these funds are being sought and (ii) what is it that will attract the company to donate for this particular event.

While writing this fundraising letter, you need to make sure that your message for fundraising is being sent out appropriately and is well understood by the receiver. The receiver should feel connected to the event and should be willing to raise funds for the event.

The writer should be well aware of the company as to what they do and how they work and how much of money would they be willing to donate. In the Business Donation Request Letter, you also need to explain as to how donating money would be beneficial to them and work as charity at large. Given below is an example as to how a Business Donation Request Letter can be written.

Business Donation Request Letter – SAMPLE


Elena Simpsons,

Four Colors University,

Canada, USA.



Richard Flinch,

Gaylord Pvt. Ltd.

Tenth Road,

Canada, USA.

Subject: Business Donation Request Letter

Respected Sir,

I am Elena Simpsons from Four Colors University, and I am writing this letter to have some donations from your company to build are mass communications festival even larger.

As you, along with your colleagues, are a media house yourself and have donated a good amount of money in many other festivals we hope that you do the same for the festival as well. I have found in my research that you are an ex-student of Four Colors University and have been at a high post for the media festival. This would be all the more reason for you to donate some amount of money in our fest and help us make it bigger than before.

The money that we generate will be used for our fest, and most of it will be going to charity to the orphanage as well as the old age home in our vicinity. We will also buy some extra products and give it to the orphanage and old age home with the money we generate.

We, students, are doing this for a good cause. Kindly help us and be a part of this social activity. For any further requirements and details, you can contact me on 555-7864 after which we can have a meeting soon to decide and agree to the policy of donation.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Elena Simpsons.

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