Business Correspondence Letter, Sample & Format

Business Correspondence LetterA business correspondence letter is written between companies to keep in touch with business affairs with one another. The contents of a business correspondence letter would typically be related to business transactions and dealings between the companies that would require a good communication to foster healthy work relationships.


Mary S. Varney

Secretary, Production Department

Unicorn Trading Enterprise

984 Fine Street
Red Bank, NJ 89000

February 10, 2011


Angela Morris

Accounts Manager

Silver Lakes Industry

1115 Crystal Avenue
Burlington, MA 19900

Dear Ms. Angela

RE: Confirmation of Appointment

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Hans Locklear, Production Manager of Unicorn Trading Enterprise. I have been asked to confirm his appointment with you tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm at your office to discuss the following matters:

1)      Outstanding payment by Silver Lakes Industry for the last quarter.

2)      Amendments to payment terms and conditions

This appointment was made by yourself last week. I am confirming Mr. Locklear’s availability now. He will be at your office at 3 pm.

Should there be any changes to this appointment, kindly notify me as soon as possible. Your kind cooperation is appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mary S. Varney

Secretary, Production Department

Unicorn Trading Enterprise

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