Business Condolence Letter

Business Condolence LetterIntroduction:

A company writes a Business Condolence letter to another that has experienced the demise of a high standing official of the latter company. The Condolence letter should be respectful and formal over the demise. It is a simple letter offering the company’s condolences as both have had good working relations before. Write words of strength and positivity to help keep up the company morale in such a tough time.

In the condolence letter, mention about your long-standing association with the official and appreciate the times you spent together.  Praise the official for his support, cooperation, and hard work. Make sure through this letter your grief is expressed and due sympathy is shown to the reader. You can also show solidarity and express your support for the company by writing that they can contact you as and when needed.

Business Condolence Letter – Sample

Following is a sample of a Business Condolence Letter.


David & Davidson Co.

73 Clay Street
Indianapolis, IN 46241



Dean & Associates

2258 Thunder Road
Oakland, CA 94607

Extending our Condolences

David & Davidson Co. wishes to convey its deepest condolences over the demise of Mr. Wayne Roberts, Senior Partner of Dean & Associates, last week due to sudden heart attack.

David & Davidson Co. has had the privilege of knowing and collaborating with the late Mr. Roberts since the late 1990s. He was a fine gentleman who was well versed in the law and provided excellent legal advice to the benefit of David & Davidson Co. His knowledge was our source of information and his eagerness for work, was an inspiration to one and all. We shall miss the late Mr. Roberts and his jovial character. His demise is not just a great loss to Dean & Associates, but also to the whole business community as he was a leader par excellence. He was also a very kind hearted person and was always willing to help anyone who approached him. His philanthropic activities were a source of inspiration for one and all. He helped many poor children get their education and helped the many women start self-help groups and made them capable.

All of us here at David & Davidson Co. bid the late Mr. Wayne Roberts peace and to Dean & Associates, strength in this time of grief. May his soul rest in peace.

In sympathy,

David & Davidson Co.

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