Business Complaint Letter

Business Complaint Letter


The business Complaint letter is written to register complain or bring in notice about the poor products or services of business by an individual or company. The bad experience leaves a bad taste in the mouth for a person or company who wants some actions to be taken to rectify the unfavorable experience. Details of the bad experience should be written precisely for the proper measures to be taken.

Since it is a business letter, the tone of the letter must be professional and formal. The complaint letter must be short and brief; long paragraphs must be avoided. A firm, respectful tone should be maintained, and in no way, it should seem aggressive or accusing.  The details must be straightforward and honestly included to back up the claim and show that you have thoroughly researched the product or whatever be the case. The example Business Complaint Letter is shown below, go through it and get an idea of what to include and what to avoid in your complaint letter.

Business Complaint Letter – Sample

This is a sample of Business Complaint Letter.


John L. Beard

Production Manager,

Production Department

Forrester Goods Enterprise

36A/0567 Champs Square, M.G. Lane,
Siddha Town, Kolkata, IN 700001.



The Director.

Nations Air Conditioning Services Ltd

Sales & Services Department

36A/0574 Pandora Road,
Martyr’s Square, Ranchi, IN 834001.

Subject: – Regarding the poor service provided by the company on an order.

Dear Director,

I am writing to register a complaint with your company over the poor service, received from an earlier order with your Sales Department.

On July 20, 2017, I had placed an order for eight units of Nations Air conditioners models NT390 of 1.5 horsepower for my company at the listed address in this letter. But as of today, the order has not been fulfilled.

After my many futile attempts in contacting your sales & services department since my order date, I have to write to record my great disappointment over the poor response service to my complaint. Kindly respond to correct the issue as I am losing faith in your trusted brand of air conditioning products. If no action is taken by August 20, 2017, I shall cancel my order.

I shall be awaiting your prompt action on my complaint.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Beard

Production Manager,

Production Department

Forrester Goods Enterprise.



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