Business Application Letter

A Business Application letter is a letter written by another business person or may be an individual who wants to do business with the recipient or to discuss business matters with the recipient. When the writer wants to discuss business matters then the recipient should be well known to the writer. Business Application Letter should be written in formal tone as it is a discussion or a deal with higher individuals.

While writing for making a business agreement or deal the details should be mentioned clearly, firstly introduce yourself, what is your proposal? How both can get benefited from the deal.

Sample Business Application Letter:

The sample Business Application Letter is given below:



The General Manager,

Vishu Garments,

Bal Nagar,


Date: 2/5/2017



The General Manager,

G T N Industries,



Dear Manikanta,

I am Nikhil working as The General Manager of Vishal Garments. I am writing this letter to put a business application with your industry. We Vishal Garments have ten years of experience in the clothing industry; we also have a big name and fame in our city. I think by now you may have got a clear picture of us. We have also heard so much about your industry.

As your company has the same brand value as of ours, we think that we can do better if we collaborate with each other by expanding our business in other states and cities. By doing so both the industries can get benefited from that.

Now both of our industries have a turnover of 5 crores. If you agree to make deal possible within a span of two-three years our industries turnover will be doubled. We would like to know your opinion on this matter. Let’s fix a meeting for further discussion and first round of proposal if this sounds great to you. IEven if it is a no do not hesitate to reply us.

If you have any doubts regarding this matter call me up on 9638527412 or mail your queries to We look forward to working with you soon. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter.

Yours Sincerely


The General Manager,

Vishal Garments.

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