Business Appeal Letter

A Business Letter of Appeal is a letter written to restate a request, a complaint or an issue. Such type of a letter is written by a person or a business organization to another business organization. The matter of concern could vary from the delivery of a wrong consignment, the charge of additional tax, poor quality of product or services, or even inconsistencies in certain contract or deal. The letter may also be written with reference to a request that has been made earlier for a certain issue.

Since this Appeal letter is a letter highlighting certain flaws in the functioning of the organization, care should be taken to state the issue in a very polite and non-offensive manner. No organization would deliberately disappoint its client or customer. Therefore, a letter that politely requests to resolve the matter shall help in maintaining healthy relations with the organization. The Business Appeal Letter may also mention to the receiver any suggestions on part of the writer to clear the issue at the earliest.

Business Appeal Letter – Sample

The following is the sample of a Business Appeal Letter.


Jasleen Kaur

General Manager,

SKV Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

F-22, Induben Mithakali Colony,

Navrangpura, Ahmedabad,




Kokila Sharma

Senior Manager,

RDP Services Ltd.,

B-42, NK Group Society,

Roop Nagar, Ahemdabad,


Subject- Delivery of Wrong Products

Dear Mrs. Kokila Sharma,

I am writing to you with reference to the order, numbered FR425264, of 27 sets of Bfone Orientel KX-T333 (Assorted) Corded Telephone, dated May 26, 2017. The delivery of the order was made to us on June 5, 2017. However, we have received an incorrect order.

A request for the replacement of the same had been made to your respective organization, RDP Services Ltd., on June 6, 2017. However, no response has been received by us. The order that we have received is of 27 sets of Binatone Trend 1 Corded Telephone. Clearly, this was not the brand for which we had placed the order.

Since we have been one of your most satisfied customers, we believe that due to certain confusion or misunderstanding, the wrong order has been sent to us. It shall be agreeable to us if you could kindly replace the order with the correct one at the earliest, as the need is very urgent. For any necessary information regarding the order, you can contact us on our telephone number 52727547.

Your organization is widely regarded for its products and services, therefore, we believe that the matter shall be resolved soon.

We await your prompt reply.

Thanking you.


Jasleen Kaur

General Manager,

SKV Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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