Business Announcement Letter

For any newly established company or an upcoming entrepreneur, it becomes necessary to formally announce the inception of a new business venture. This business venture can be different from your existing line of products or can also be an extension of the same.

Either which way, the owner is required to publically announce the start of the business to his existing clients. This can be done in two forms- either by publishing it in the newspaper or by sending a newsletter to the current client database. The product or the service of the business letter should be explicitly announced in the letter along with what the owner aims to achieve through this product. The target audience along with the target areas should be mentioned in the plan of action of the new business. Refer to the sample Business Announcement Letter given below for more information on writing similar such business letters.

Business Announcement Letter – Sample


UC Office

8th Floor

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon




UC Office

8th Floor

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon


Subject: Introduction of New Business Venture

Good Morning all,

UC is proud to announce the launch of its latest venture- at home salons for men and women alike! The entire idea could only be materialized thanks to the recent funding the company has received from the Tata Group.

This will be the launch of UC’s 6th service in the past three years. So far we have shown phenomenal growth and demand in the market. Which is why after conducting an in-depth market analysis the board of directors has come to this decision.

This latest service will currently be launched in 3 cities only- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. We will be starting the formation of a whole new business development team for this particular category. These salon services will include everything from waxing to body spas as well as haircuts. We would like to hold a brainstorming session with the entire company of the DD/MM/YYYY to take all your opinions into consideration.

We also request all of you to come up with a special name for this category. Please drop in your suggestions for the names in the suggestion box at the reception of the office.

We hope to launch this service in the market by the new year, which is YYYY. We will be forming a team to figure out the logistics of the same in the coming four months.

Thank you

Raj Kumar


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