Business Agreement Letter

A Business Agreement Letter is a document which contains the details of a contract or agreement between two or more business organizations. Before getting involved in any business relationship or dealings, such as sale and purchase of products or services, it shall be advisable for the organization to prepare a finely crafted official agreement consisting of all the details with respect to the deal. A Business Agreement Letter such as this serves as an important testament in case of legal matters.

In the letter, all the terms and conditions of the arrangement should be clearly mentioned. The writer must include correct contact information of his or her organization so that the receiver can resolve any doubts or ambiguities. The letter should be concluded on a positive note by wishing a long-term relationship with the receiver’s organization. The language of the letter must be kept simple and easy to understand for the parties involved.

Business Agreement Letter – Sample

The following is the sample of a Business Agreement Letter.


Kelly Frandsen,

General Manager,

Harper & Co Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

985-Camomile Way,

San Diego, SA 90434,




Jakob Rosing

Business Development Manager,

Andreas Architect Services Ltd.,

21-Forest Avenue,

San Diego, SA 90434,


Subject: Subsea Oil and Gas Extraction Project Agreement

Dear Mr. Jakob Rosing,

I am writing to inform you that our organization, Harper & Co Solutions Pvt. Ltd., shall be delighted to assign the contract of Subsea Oil and Gas Extraction Project. We have been greatly impressed with the brilliancy as well as the construction skills of your efficient organization, Andreas Architect Services Ltd. Hence, it is without any doubt that we believe it would be agreeable to assign you the contract.

The work demands excellence and we have heard that your organization has always delivered its promises on time. The duration of the project shall be fifteen months, as had been suggested by you in our prior meetings, however, the exact dates of completion shall be negotiated.

It is our kind request to you to send back your written confirmation for accepting the assignment. Once the confirmation is received, we shall be sending you a copy of the contract which consists of all the necessary details with respect to the project. Since the project involves extraction of oils and minerals at the subsea level, we shall be providing accommodation as well as transportation in accordance with the same. For queries of any kind with respect to the agreement, we expect you to contact us on our telephone number 64764734. You can also write to us at our email ID

We look forward to a long-term business relationship with you.

Thanking you for your time.


Kelly Frandsen,

General Manager,

Harper & Co Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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