Business Acceptance Letter

Business Acceptance Letter


A business acceptance letter is a response by a company to another on the latter’s proposed business. The Business Acceptance Letter is written to inform the recipient that the sender is agreeable to the stated terms and conditions of the business proposal and thus, the business proposal is accepted by the company.

Business Acceptance letters are a good way to follow up on business proposals, meetings, and discussions. This is a formal business letter, so letters must be precise and to-the-point. The language used must be formal and polite. Also, relevant details must be given in the acceptance letter. The terms you don’t agree with must be mentioned, and you must politely ask for a reconsideration as well. Following is a sample letter to help you through the process of writing such letters.

Business Acceptance Letter – Sample

A good example of Business Acceptance Letter is given below:


Susan Matthews

Contract Manager

Jay Walker Productions

1639 Marion Street
Columbia, SC 29210



David M. Davidson


Global Business Solutions

73 Clay Street
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Dear Sir

RE: Acceptance of Business Proposal

Thank you for your company’s business proposal to Jay Walker Productions, which was received on DD/MM/YYYY. We apologize for the delayed response. After careful thought about your business proposal to enhance the marketing strategy for Jay Walker Productions, I am pleased to inform you that we are agreeable to your proposal and feel that it can be a beneficial plan for the marketing of our company.

The terms and conditions are acceptable to our organization, except for the deadline of the implementation of the proposal. We hope that the business proposal can be implemented before the end of the first quarter to capture a bigger market. Please reconsider this aspect thoughtfully and send us your comments soonest possible.

Otherwise, we are pleased with the proposed strategy and look forward to your professional services.

Respectfully yours,

Susan Matthews

Contract Manager

Jay Walker Productions

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