Bursary Application Letter


A Bursary Application Letter is written when one wants to study further but does not have enough funds to afford the fees for their education. Bursary letters are usually written by students who excel in their academics but do not have adequate funding for higher education.

A bursary program is given by educational institutions, companies and government organizations. The bursary letter written by you needs to be motivational enough to secure your financial aid. In such a kind of letter, you do not need to say only good things, but you need to be honest.

It is always good to put your positive traits forward, but honesty is the best policy. It is essential that your scholarship letter is written professionally as you do not know who you are writing the letter to but you know it is going to a high authoritative person. The letter should be polite, formal and requesting to achieve your financial aid.

Bursary Application Letter – SAMPLE

A good example of how to write Bursary Application Letter is given below:


Rachel Dsouza,

13-Lotus Apartments,

Palk Street,

New York, USA.



Mr. Richard Piller,

Sculls Pvt. Ltd.

Rockside Road,

New York, USA.

Subject: Bursary Application Letter.

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to seek for a bursary for my child, Rick Dsouza. He is a sophomore currently and will soon start his higher education. I would like to apply for a bursary in St. Williams University where my son is currently studying as well.

I am applying for a bursary because my husband has left his current job and is looking for another one and me being a housemaker, we won’t be able to pay the fees for our child’s education. I can assure you that by next year we will be able to pay for our son’s school fees.

This is our first bursary application and looking at our financial condition currently I feel we would require a bursary for our child.

I have enclosed all the important and necessary documents so that you can have a better idea about my application and can make a fair decision. Please feel free to contact me on the no. Provided below for any queries or if you require any further information or documents for my case

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Rachel Dsouza.


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