Broken Friendship Letter

Friendship is indeed the most precious thing known to mankind. Although a broken friendship does not make the noise like a broken glass does but the wounds and amputations are far more than a grave. Friendship is what holds us together during the toughest times, and if that gets misplaced, naturally one has his or her head all over the place. A broken friendship breaks a person, even if at once one might not realize, but in the long run, one starts trusting less and starts building walls to close themselves up as a defense mechanism. After all, not everyone can take being hurt as a stride.

Use this Broken Friendship Letter to deliver everything you feel, to spare yourself the pain and to get closure. You never know you might get the friend back or if nothing you will get some perspective.

Broken Friendship Letter – Sample

Sample given below is a good example of Broken Friendship Letter :



18 Kamyug Street,




Glen Maxwell,

14 Minerva Street,


Subject: Break the friendship between us

Dear Glen,

Writing this letter perhaps won’t even serve me for good, but I just want to let everything out. It’s not that after you ended what we had, I haven’t tried being friends with you, I did. I have tried my level best to gather all the courage I had to see you like someone else more and more every single day. That was all because you were first a friend to me. That friend whom I could never take for granted, that friend who was more than just important for me.

But after all that I did for you, I did not get my due. For you, I think I was not even worth the consideration. It hurts, more than you can think. Talking to you will not make a difference because I know how manipulative you are, you can just use your words and get away with it. I don’t want that.  I know what I have felt, I know I’m not wrong, so, I won’t try holding up this friendship anymore.

You did not respect my emotions, there is no word for describing what you did, but I know you did wrong. I know I must have been at fault too sure but you went beyond the line and I don’t want to bring in others in the picture because of my opinion of you will not change. I don’t want to change it. You’ve hurt me a lot. I don’t want to ever talk to you; I don’t even want to hear from you. You did not act in the interest of a true friend. I let you go, forever.

Yours Sincerely,



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