Breakup Goodbye Letter, Sample & Format


A breakup, may it be any, is one of the most heartbreaking phases of one’s life. It is that phase where one becomes so sad that they do not feel like getting out of their bed, at least for most of them because of more than the love, one loses the friendship. There are times when people manage to remain friends even after the breakup, but more often it is not possible for two people to just be friends after everything they have gone through.

A breakup letter does not have to be written as per a particular format. Breakup Goodbye Letter is supposed to give you the closure; it is meant to relieve one from all the pain. Make sure you let out all the feelings but at the same time, try considering keeping in mind the feelings of other people too, i.e. in this case the reader who was your partner.

Breakup Goodbye Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Breakup Goodbye Letter.



14, Brickwood road,


Abu Dhabi.



Edward Swan,

6 Footnote road,


Dear Edward,

This, I am writing to you only to tell you that yes I know that things turned out to be ugly between us, we couldn’t live up to anything we talked about in all those years when things were perfect between the two of us. I know there were things I did that you had not expected of me, but let me reiterate that you did say no matter what you will take me back. In fact, I did all that could help you consider being together again. I know I hurt you, that I will always accept but you hurt me too, and you didn’t trust me anymore. What I did was bigger than the love you had for me. You must know if I could turn back the time and undo the one mistake, I’d do it. I begged, and I yearned to you, but you did not listen to me.

Now that it’s been so long that we’ve broken up, I don’t feel a lot of pain and yet I miss you at times. Now it doesn’t bother me that you didn’t forgive me because I think there were some other reasons too for which you called it an end. Some unsaid reasons because at first, you were fine with whatever I did then how come after five months, you could suddenly again have issues with me regarding the same. Anyway, what I had for you was real, I’m still not sure if for some time now I’ll be able to love anyone that way or not. Lastly, I want to tell you; it was your bad that you lost me and I don’t care about you anymore. Good luck. Goodbye.

Yours Sincerely,



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