Break Up Love Letter

A break up not only takes one’s peace of mind away but also captures them in their cell of thoughts and memories. Every break up takes away a person’s one piece of heart away. No matter what an individual’s age is, it is soul-sucking. It brings a heart clenching pain in the chest. Nonetheless, a break up makes one miss out on a person who was long before a friend. Along with love, we miss the friendships. In a world where finding a ‘my person’ is so difficult, losing the same can have major repercussions.

A break-up love letter is one in which one can write about all his feelings and emotions. A breakup letter is a kind of closure for both partners. Although a lost relationship cannot have closure for long, it is just a way one can lighten their heart. There is as such no particular format to the break up letter because it is an informal letter.

Break Up Love Letter – Sample:

Given below is a sample of a break up letter:


Isabella Swan,

14, Black current roads,




Richard Bailey,

4, Black current roads,


Subject: BreakUp Letter

Dear Richard,

Hey Richard, how have you been? I’m doing fine, in fact, can’t begin to explain how at peace my heart is. Of course, I love You, and I still want the same things that I wanted for us earlier. I still want to spend an entire lifetime with you; I still want to be with you and give you all the love that my heart can. I want you to love me so much.

It feels like I already miss you so much, but I have taken care of myself quite a lot now. I am better than before. Yes, I do remain overwhelmed all the time these days, but I guess I have come to the realization that being together is not so important as much is the love in our hearts for each other is. I know you have truly loved me and I’m glad that I fell in love with such a beautiful soul, I am so glad that I cannot put it into words. I love listening to your voice; I just cannot get enough of you.

Now, that we are not together, I can only wish for you to be so happy in life and that you get all the success. I know we have seen our ups and downs, but our love and bond only became stronger.

I am telling you, if I could turn back time and hold you again, my grip would be so much tighter as if I would not let you go. I wish that you get the best girl in the world. I want you to become a better person, and I want to become a better person too. I love you so much, and I want you back too, but I am glad that we are back on bad terms to good ones again.




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