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A funny Break Up Letter is a breakup letter that has some light moments so as to make the break up not so hard to accept by both parties in the relationship, especially the recipient. A break up is usually hard as it calls for an end to a relationship but two matured parties who are calm will review the situation in a way to end a relationship amicably.

Break Up is something which triggers a person completely so if instead of being direct and vociferous you should add some light moments while writing this letter. In this way, the effect of your decision will be a bit less on the other person. When two mature people decide to part their ways, it can be done lightly so that the adversity of the decision can be quickly dealt with. Heartbreak can sometimes have a very serious impact. Thus you must try to reduce the seriousness of the situation by writing a funny break up letter.


Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Funny Break Up Letter


Keith M. Dwyer,

3287 Rainy Day Drive,

Cambridge, MA 02141,



Claire Pace,

1915 Gorby Lane,

Jackson, MS 39201.

Subject: Breaking up

Dear Ms. Claire Pace,

How shall I put this? I am always at a loss for words with you. You can take my breath away in just one moment, so much so that I can’t seem to get words out while in front of you, or you scare the wits out of me that I freeze; I don’t know why. You have such a powerful effect on me.

I know I had embarrassed you many times when I stuttered in front of your friends and I feel like a fool. It’s not that I don’t know what to say, but I just clam up when your cool friends are around you. You are so cool, and I am a real fool! I find it hard to get along with people because of my introvert nature. My social skills are pathetic, and many times I have seen your friends laughing at me because of my reserved nature. I just can’t pretend to be along with a gem like you anymore.

So, I feel it is better for both of us to go our ways. I need time alone to find my bearing and understanding myself better before I get into any relationship, and make a fool of myself again.

I hope you understand. See you around.


Yours Lovingly

Keath M. Dwyer.

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