Break Up Letter Boyfriend

Break Up Letter Boyfriend



A Break Up Letter to a boyfriend is quite hard for a girl who has been in a love relationship, but many factors are possible to cause a relationship break up. This kind of break up letter will depend on the factor(s) or the reason(s) because of which a girl would want to break up with the boy in a relationship.

Whatever the case might be, writing such a breakup letter is always going to hurt your soul and feelings as this letter would mean letting go of a person you loved. While writing this letter, it is important to keep bitter feelings aside and try to end things on a light and positive note. The letter can also reflect on some good memories. Break up letters signify an end to an emotional bond and thus are always emotional.

Although it can be hard, it is necessary to avoid bitter feelings while writing the letter. It should not intend to curse or humiliate the other person. Instead, it should be focused on positively moving on. You can write about any past memorable moment with him or any time that his supportive words helped you pass through a storm. You can include good luck wishes for the future and be courteous while writing the letter.

Break Up Letter Boyfriend – SAMPLE LETTER

The following is a sample of Break Up Letter Boyfriend


Hanna Bowler,

4656 Friendly Street,
San Antonio, TX 78332.



Anthony Miles,

2228 East Lane,
Dodson, MT 59339.

Subject: Let’s just be friends

Dear Tony,

After much thought, I would like to say, ‘let us be just friends.’ I am sorry to be writing to you to tell you so, as I feel a face-to-face break up would make it harder for you and me. We have only known each other for four months, but I don’t have deep feelings for you as you say you do for me. I feel that it is unfair of me to keep you hoping for me to reciprocate your love for me and I don’t know how long it will be before I truly feel something special about you.

It is also unfair to me to feign any deep feelings for you when I have none. I don’t want to be awkward every time you profess your love for me. Let us just be friends and let nature take its course.

I am sorry to break our relationship through a letter. I do hope you will find your right girl.

Just me,


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