Break Up Letter Boyfriend, Sample & Format

Break Up Letter BoyfriendA Break Up Letter to a boyfriend is quite hard for a girl who has been in a love relationship but many factors are possible to cause a relationship break up as there as many different reasons for a relationship to break up. This kind of break up letter will depend on the factor(s) or the reason(s) a girl would want to break up with the boy in a relationship.


Hanna Bowler

4656 Friendly Street
San Antonio, TX 78332

January 21, 2011


Anthony Miles

2228 East Lane
Dodson, MT 59339

Dear Tony

RE: Lets just be friends

After much thought, I would like to say, ‘let us be just friends.’ I am sorry to be writing to you to tell you so as I feel a face-to-face break up would make it harder for you and me. We have only known each other for four months, but I don’t have deep feelings for you as you say you do for me. I feel that it is unfair of me to keep you hoping for me to reciprocate your love for me and I don’t know how long it will be before I truly feel something special about you.

It is also unfair to me to feign any deep feelings for you when I have none. I don’t want to be awkward every time you profess your love for me. Let us just be friends and let nature take its course.

I am sorry to break our relationship through a letter. I do hope you will find your right girl.

Just me,


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