Bonus letter to Employee, Sample & Format

Bonus letter to EmployeeA bonus letter to employee is written by a company’s management to its employee notifying the employee of the bonus which he is entitled to. The letter may contain congratulatory messages and the details of the bonus such as amount and taxes, where applicable. The bonus letter could be just a note of information with the actual amount credited to the employee’s bank account or to be collected personally at the finance department.


Finance Department

True Solutions Enterprise

89902 Pratt Street

Puget Island, WA 93392

January 22, 2011


Sara Wilcox

Sales Executive

Sales & Services Department

Dear Ms. Wilcox

RE: Bonus for year 2010

The Management of True Solutions is pleased to inform you that you are entitled to a bonus of 2.5 months of your monthly salary, based on the outstanding performance of the company for its fiscal year 2010.

This computed bonus figure is also based on your sales performance for the year 2010, depending on whether you met the sales target that was agreed by you at the start of the 2010 fiscal year. The company is pleased to note your good performance during 2010 which has pushed the company revenue to a healthier bracket for 2010.

Kindly collect your bonus check from the finance department on the 5th floor before the end of the month.

The management looks forward to your continuing stellar performance for this year 2011.



True Solutions Enterprise

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