Board Resignation Letter

Board Resignation Letter


A Board resignation letter is written by a member of the company board who wishes to resign from the Board, either as an ordinary member or from a post in the Board. This resignation letter from the board can be written due to various reasons such as not being satisfied to be a part of the board or due to problems within the board. This resignation letter can also be written if the person has decided to leave the organization to shift to another organization.

The letter should be written formally to address the Chairman of the Board with an appropriate reason to resign from the Board. The reason should be appropriate enough that the Board actually considers it without disregarding it. The letter must be brief and concise and the reason should be elaborated properly. One must ensure that they give the Board a prior notice before resigning and one must also mention the experience they had while working with the Board. This letter should have a positive undertone.


Board Resignation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of a Board resignation letter


Gertrude O. Wilkerson
Market Analyst

Member of Board

Maple Green Corporation

20 January 2017


Christopher Milton


Board of Directors

Maple Green Corporation

2984 Central Avenue
Malton, ON L3T 5B7

Dear Sir,

Subject: Resignation from Board

This is my notice letter to inform you that I shall be resigning from the post of Market Analyst of the Board of Directors. My resignation from the said post shall be effective from the date of this letter.

I apologize for the short notice given for my resignation, but unforeseen circumstances have pushed me down this path. I am unable to mention the reason elaborately as it involves a personal matter which has not yet been resolved. Hence, I shall not be able to attend the next Board Meeting in February 2017. I do realize that the next meeting is an important one and will require the presence of all members with their latest market reports. However, I assure you that all my preparations for the latest market report for the company are quite complete. I shall pass the report to you before I leave and please do contact me if there are any discrepancies in the report. I will try my best to edit out the mistakes at the earliest.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to have learned and contributed at the Board of Directors meetings. It has been a wonderful experience to have worked with the highest authorities and the brightest minds at the organization.  Kindly allow me to record my note of appreciation for your support during my tenure at the Board.

I am attaching my contact details along with this letter so that it will be easier for the Board to contact me. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I hope to be in constant touch with the Board and I once again would like to thank you for having provided me with this opportunity.

Yours Sincerely

Gertrude Wilkerson
Market Analyst


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