Bulk Business Letter


A Bulk business letter is written to inform a company of the assignment of some business in bulk. The Bulk Business Letter contains information with regards to the business terms and conditions between the two parties to ensure a smooth business transaction as a bulk business. Trust and reliability are the keys in a business transaction.

This business letter includes the full details of the firm contract or deal that is about to made between two associates, i.e., the writer and recipient. As the letter is a business agreement letter, the tone of the writer should be appealing in nature. You may write this letter to order products in bulk, usage of their resources for a while, requesting for their services to your company or industry. The details should be very clear such that the recipient should understand the primary purpose of the letter.

Bulk Business Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Bulk Business Letter


Marshall Altman,

Business Director,

Double Supply Chain Enterprise,

1100 Mountain Street,

Smithfield, NC 98308.



Rudy L. Wetter,

Managing Director,

WTW Micro Services Industry,

1624 Orphan Road,

Cheektowaga, NY 14227.

Subject:  Block Business Assignment

Dear Wetter,

It is my pleasure to appoint WTW Micro Services Industry to be the main dealer for Double Supply Chain Enterprise with effective from January 30, 2011. This appointment is translated to handling the bulk business of Double Supply Chain Enterprise which includes all its electronics and electrical products. This accounts for 80% of Double Supply Chain Enterprise’s businesses.

Your company WTW Micro Services Industry agreed to accept this bulk business assignment by Double Supply Chain Enterprise, with full subjection to the attached terms and conditions. As subjected you will get 80 percent of our product which is huge.  As you checked the quality of the product, there is no need to worry about the quality of the products which we send in bulk to you. As we are reputed company in our respective field, we have some brand value which we do not want to lose. As per the agreement you have to pay half of the amount of the products delivered.We assure you that a minimum of 10 percent of profit can be made by selling the goods in the market on retail price. Kindly respond within two weeks from the date of this letter; otherwise, this assignment is deemed null and void. Double Supply Chain Enterprise looks forward to your prompt response. Hope we would make a good and profitable business in future.

With Regards,

Marshall Altman,

Business Director.

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