Birthday Love Letter

Birthday Love Letter


A birthday love letter is written to wish the birthday boy or girl some special wishes by the other party where both are in a love relationship. A birthday love letter will be a special letter which allows one party in love to freely express true and profound feelings towards the birthday boy or girl. The romantic birthday letter seeks to wish a person on the occasion of their birthday while simultaneously expressing the sense of love to their partner, girlfriend or boyfriend.

A birthday love letter must be written in an open manner which expresses the feelings of the writer towards the receiver. A birthday is perhaps the most important occasion in the calendar of every person. Therefore, the writer must make every effort to express their wishes at this momentous occasion. The birthday letter to someone usually is very informal as it is written to a loved one. The letter must not be very dry and must make every effort to emphasize on emotion. The birthday wishes letter may be used as a tool of reminiscence of the relationship.

Birthday Love Letter – Sample

The following is a Sample of a Birthday Love Letter.


Miles Ward,

1503 May Street,

Ewing, KY 41039,

The United States of America.

Date: May 20, 2010


Annie W. Patrick,

4939 Nuzum Court,

Tonawanda, NY 14150,

The United States of America.

Darling Annie,

RE: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! This is indeed a special day for you and me. I remember that this is the day I first met you a year ago. It was at your birthday party which I gate-crashed into because I was lost in the neighborhood. I am so glad that it was you who opened the door that fateful night! I admire the work of providence. How it all worked out for us, is still a mystery, but a happy one. Your birthday is a testament to the beauty of life, and I am forever grateful that you were born in this world to share your love with all of us.

Your birthday is a reminder for me that tells me how gracefully you age every year. Your birthday reminds me of the beauty that you exude with your charming smile and a caring heart. It fills my heart with joy whenever I think of our relationship and how enriched it is because of your compassion, care, and trust. I realize every day that I am very lucky to be your partner. I realize how blessed my life is, filled with a beautiful soul like you!

On your birthday, I wish you your heart’s desire, and I hope that it includes me somewhere.


With all my love,


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