Birthday Letter


A Birthday letter is a very personal note of good wishes to one (the recipient) celebrating the birthday. A birthday letter allows the sender to write his notes and well wishes for the birthday individual from the heart, instead of using the standard birthday greeting card, to give a more personal flavor. Usually, people prefer another medium of communication for conveying best wishes for an occasion like a birthday. However, the birthday letters make an impact on the addressee such that which is not possible with any other mode of communication. The birthday wishes are usually conveyed in an informal way.

However, certain letters can have a formal approach like while wishing someone like a teacher, senior officer, etc. The collective wishing usually forms a short letter, and ironically, the longer versions are those which convey wishes from a single person. For birthday letters, one should never delay the wishes and should, in fact, begin the letter with the best wishes for the special letter.

Birthday Letter – Sample

The sample Birthday Letter is given below:


Amanda Logan,

4813 Adelaide St,
Toronto, ON M5H 1P6

Date: June 21, 2010


Charles M. Baird,

4884 Bay Street,
Toronto, ON M5J 2R8

Subject: Birthday wishes

To my favorite nephew, Charles,

Happy Birthday! You are turning 18 today, and I am sure that you are very excited. I know that you have always wanted to reach 18 quickly so that you are ‘licensed’ to do many things, like driving, making your decisions and no curfews!

With this birthday letter, I wish you all the best in your future with this special day marking many fruitful and fulfilling events to come. I wish you the best of health and wealth and a toast to your future successes.

Enjoy your day and have a fun celebration to remember this day. Hope you like the present which I sent you. We will catch up when we meet again.

With all my love & hugs,

Aunt Amanda

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